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No is a Complete Sentence and Here is why

Do you find yourself inundated with networking events or vendors selling things you don't need or want?

It seems like my DM 's are always being hit up with "buy my podcast school training" or "my retreat is coming up." This year has more events and retreats than the last 3 years combined.

You may find yourself overwhelmed with no time to work if you go to all of them and let down friends to turn down some of them.

If you are like me, saying NO once is hard enough, and when someone persists against our NO, that boundary gets harder to uphold.

If you are in Sales of any kind, chances are that you have been trained to handle objections. If a lead gives a reason behind their no, you hear, "This could be a yes if I fix that problem."

The key is to sort through your invites and decide which ones are best for you, and respond with a NO to the rest. No explanation. No objections. No guilt.

Some key points to take away:

  • If it is not a Hell Yes it's a Hell No

  • Every 'yes' is a 'no' to something else. Make sure your yes' count

  • Sometimes saying NO to a friend is saying YES to your mental health

  • Respect your boundary first because no one else will.

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