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Power On with Monica Burke
Alaina Nadig

Power On with Monica Burke

How do you muster the courage to stand back up when you hit rock bottom? For Monica Burke, powering on is breaking out from the box people try to put you in and spreading your wings so you can soar and reach the things you have always dreamed of. In this episode of Pursuit of Relentless, Monica shares her story of grit, resilience, and relentlessness when she experienced unfortunate events one after another to the point of losing her home and living in a trailer park, pregnant and with small children. In addition, when she tries to stand back up through real estate investing, she is curtailed by the box people try to put her into. To address this, she ventured independently and freed herself from the four walls of dos and don'ts. To know more about how Monica changed her deepest sufferings into her greatest strengths, tune in to learn more! Here's what to look out for in this episode: Monica's story What do you do when you have no income coming in? Getting back into real estate after having a baby The culture of bail bonds The importance of building relationships with your clients About Monica Burke: An Oklahoman Jeep girl at heart, she married her high school sweetheart at age 19 and has two sons, Ashton and Cody, and a daughter Maggie. They live happily in their full house with their three dogs; Scout, Snoop, and Bella. She has a Real Estate team called The Home Resource Group with RE/MAX Results in Tulsa and built that business from nothing. The time and valuable lessons she learned along the way have empowered her to help others search for answers she has already discovered. However, she only was able to heal herself through other people's discoveries which led her to write her book. Connect with Monica Burke on . . . Facebook: Connect with the Pursuit of Relentless Podcast! Website: Instagram: @alainanadig & @pursuitofrelentless
Using Your Pain to Unlock Your Inner Powerhouse with Monica Burke
Alison Answers How to Crush Mediocrity

Using Your Pain to Unlock Your Inner Powerhouse with Monica Burke

We can choose how we view the adversity and challenges in our life and see them as tools that shaped us into who we were meant to be. It is essential to work through the pain and suffering in our lives by reaching out for help and not burying or numbing the pain through various vices. Once we have done the proper work through our healing journey, we can come out on the other side with a sense of gratitude for the painful and sometimes tragic experiences we have gone through. Today’s guest is on a mission to end self-inflicted mental suffering because she knows what it is like to attempt to bury the pain and shame through addictions and negative behaviors that feed into prolonging our pain. Monica Burke is an entrepreneur, real estate expert, and author of her new book, “Power On: Using What’s Meant to Destroy You to Create You.” Having grown up in a family of addicts and experiencing the tragic loss of her father when she was a child, Monica learned to take the building blocks of suffering, pain, abuse, grief, and abandonment to create life-changing and mindset-shifting habits. She believes that inside our deepest suffering lies our greatest strengths, and that is what you can expect from both this episode and her book. In this episode, Monica strives to teach others to shortcut their pain and the learning curve to living a better life. She offers advice to learn to silence every voice except your own and search for the truth within yourself. She also teaches how to get the truth from others, and why it is so important to “ride the emotional wave” and know that decisions and actions don’t need to be immediate. No response is a response, and making decisions when emotions are high is not aligned with our highest self. Tune in to learn how to stop beating yourself up and use your pain to elevate you to your true potential. Connect with Monica Burke: Facebook: Monica Burke Instagram: @monica_burke_poweron TikTok: @monicaburkepoweron Get her new book: “Power On: Using What’s Meant to Destroy You to Create You” Connect with Alison: Instagram: @alisonanswers | @lagercounseling Website: YouTube: Alison Answers Facebook: Alison Lager Lcsw Casac

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