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Mometnum By Monica: The Full Story

A Lasting Impact

Have you found yourself or your team stalled with no progress? You are doing the daily activities but something has changed, and we are not just talking business here... your marriage, relationships and self feel disconnected. 


I started out at the very bottom and developed momentum through each obstacle of my life, including overcoming binge eating disorder and losing over 115 pounds through nutrition and exercise to earning six figures and becoming a top 5% agent with no resources- internet, computer, or prospects. Having completed programs like 75 Hard 3 times (currently on my 4th) and BOLD, one thing has become clear to me, the easy button is Momentum.

Here is the catch though, Momentum is a lot of upfront effort and exerted force, before the easy button appears. If you stop at the easy button, momentum disappears, which means easy disappears.

Momentum is to be created not only in business, but in your relationships, marriage, fitness, parenting and personal goals too. Having been married over 14 years with 3 children together, I can tell you that momentum is the key that unlocks all the doors! 

You can cultivate the life you want long term without temporary fading success using the power of momentum.

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