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Success Comes in the Form of a Whisper

I recently heard a quote that said, "5% of success is tactics and strategies, and 95% is mindset and acknowledgment. But most people focus on the strategies, and very few focus on the mindset."

This quote got me thinking about how true it is in many aspects. Mindset is what allows you to hear the whisper of what to do next when no options seem to be presenting themselves, or even worse, when too many options are presented, leaving you uncertain about which is correct.

You see, I believe we are always presented with two scenarios when we are in the midst of leveling up.

  1. Nothing is happening. You are working and working, yet nothing seems to change. No great options seem to present themselves. It is in these moments of silence that you can hear the whisper.

  2. Everything is happening. You have too many options! How do you choose the best one when there are so many to choose from? In this scenario, it is easy to abandon your goal for another shiny object. The test here is to stay focused through all the noise.

One thing that has always helped me hear the whisper is staying in alignment with my why, my purpose, and my being. When you start with these areas, everything feels clearer, and you are able to go 'all in.'

What does 'all in' mean? 'All in' means that you have some tactics and strategies to get where you want to go, but more than that, it means that your end result is non-negotiable—no matter how you get there. You remain flexible in your approach and your path.

Let's say you were going to climb a mountain. You put together some strategies and supplies needed to make the trip. You have a general idea of what you need to do, and you start climbing. Along the way, your path may become unclear, and you may even fall off track, but you just keep re-routing and listen to the light whispers: "turn here, avoid that, keep moving." Eventually, you make it up the mountain.

Your friend, on the other hand, decided they too were going to climb that mountain, but first they needed to do the research and plan. They spend a year planning at the bottom of the mountain before they start. As they climb the mountain and the realities do not match their strategies, they become more frustrated and look for outside guidance. Your friend ends up so lost in the guidance that it takes them five years or more to complete the same mountain that took you six months.

By the time they finish their one mountain, you are on your fifth, being guided from within and listening to the soft whispers of success.

Today, this week, this summer... I want you to focus on taking action and listening to your inner guidance.

Your soul already knows what you need to do in order to make it up your mountain. Go all in and make your dreams non-negotiable!

I am here if you need anything on your journey!

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