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Shifting Market = A Shifting Mindset

Whether you want to believe it or not, your mindset is starting to shift with the market. This could be a great thing or detrimental.... depending which way your mindset is starting to shift.

Are you catching yourself focusing on the lack?

"We have less buyers, less listings and more agents than we have ever had. I just do not see how there is enough business. Hopefully the rates drop soon or something changes."

OR Are you in the complete opposite, which can also lead to futurely issues.

"This is just temporary. Rates will drop here in a few months and buyers will be back at. People are still buying and we still do not have a ton of inventory. It will be 2021 again in no time!"

Are you somewhere in the middle, like me?

"Everything is changing, how can I get ahead of where it really is going? What is going on in other markets and industries, since they are all tied together? How can I work my business right now to withstand and grow from the changing?"

When things are going well, most people slide on the "not so fun" activities for a few reasons.

  1. They are busier now with maintaining the business coming through the door.

  2. They are not leveraged enough to keep up with the non-urgent demands.

  3. It is not a priority.

As things begin to shift and Real Estate begins to feel like not a sure thing anymore, many are leading with fear.

  1. They are 'panic prospecting.' Asking everyone they know or that could be potential business to send business.

  2. Cutting a bad client becomes increasingly hard to do with the fear of where the next client will come from.

  3. Completely backing off and waiting for things to change. This is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Here is what you can do to shift your mindset into a high result producing machine.

  • Create a routine with daily actionable steps. This does not mean plan to make 100 contacts everyday no matter what. This will leave you more frustrated, burned out and in-authentic. Daily steps could be 5 meaningful contacts a day. If you are already doing it double or long as it is manageable and something that you can truly keep up with.

  • Create a Physical routine. By this I mean a work-out/exercise routine. This could be as simple as a daily walk with your spouse or friend. This could be waking up 45 minutes earlier to meditate and practice yoga. This could also be pounding it out at the gym. You will be more clear headed and ready to take on anything!

  • We are our bodies and if we are not taking care of our bodies, we don't get the benefits of our body. Did you know that our bodies have stronger reception to instincts, including gut instincts, when taken care of. This means when you are taking care of your body, it is capable of giving you information that your brain has not understood yet. You have an entire universe living within your body, so take care of it and it will take care of you.

  • Be intentional with making connections and building existing relationships. This cannot be faked or only with the intention to make money off of someone or it will not work. Be choosy about your people and genuine. You start developing real relationships and life opens up. Just do not focus on the outcomes. You will feel better and get more business too. Also when you are focused on other people, your problems start shrinking. Take yourself outside of yourself.

Lastly I would be remiss if I did not recommend digging deeper within your faith. Our lives are bigger than we are and there comes a point that we need faith to open the doors that we cannot. I made a deal a long time ago with my God, when I was in that broken down trailer park wanting out. "I do the work, and you open the doors." That has always been our agreement so I do the work and leave the rest to him. Create someone bigger than you that you can depend on.

Let's finish this year stronger than ever! If you respond back to me or email me at with subject FREE 4TH QUARTER

I will send you FREE 4th quarter coaching sheets to help you get where you wanna go!

-Monica Burke

P.S. If you got value from this week's blog please share! Your support in my growth means the world to me!

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