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Seasons Of Life and Business

Do you ever notice that your life is a series of patterns and seasons, much like Earth? We go through our own Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, in the same order. Our businesses also follow similar patterns.

Tony Robbins was correct when he said, "we go through the earthly seasons in our own lives in the same cycles. There is beauty in each one, and if you know what is coming you can enjoy it a little more..."

In my own life, I've noticed that each season typically lasts between a year to a year and a half. This is why you may feel you get a few great years in and then it pulls back or changes. A year goes by pretty fast, so you will want to take in as much as you can in each season.

I have characterized each season's patterns! Feel free to comment and add based on your experience.

Winter - rough, lots of deadness and harshness, change, rest, and listening to intuition to survive take over.

Winter in my life always feels harsh, lonely, and isolating. I also always get the very best lessons and self-introspection during this season. In this season, you have two choices: complain, cry, and wish it was over, or go build a snowman, fort, ski, sledding, and go for a 4-wheeling ride. You learn to enjoy the obstacles or you mentally make the season longer.

Spring - things start to bloom. All the hard work starts coming through and there are a few storms, but life is in a sprouting state.

Spring is an exciting time of year. The grass starts turning a little green and we can just feel the good times coming! In this season of our lives (I just entered here), we hear a voice say, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" We know good things are coming because the ice dam is melting.

Summer - full fruition. Life is rocking and rolling, lots of green lights and excitement. The hardest problem is handling the heat because your life is moving at Godspeed.

In Summer, our business is in full swing, and the hardest part of the business is just keeping up with the transactions and clients. If your systems and procedures are faulty, you definitely feel it in this season, but you can overcompensate because of the demand.

Fall - things start cooling down and you enjoy it from the heat you just experienced. You notice a few bumps in the road starting, and you notice a lot of gathering among loved ones.

Fall is such a fun time in our lives because you finally get to slow down and get to all the things you could not during the Spring and Summer seasons. You tend to be more present and in the moment.

Each season has its purpose. You want to live and be present to the beauty of the season you are in. No matter the season, know that you are IN YOUR SEASON right now! Own it!

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