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"Embrace the Storms In Your Life and Business That Lead to Growth and Success"

Oklahoma storms are not anything to mess with. Just this last week, the very special town of Sulphur was hit pretty hard by a tornado. Every spring and fall, Oklahoma gets hit with crazy weather. Let's not forget the blistering summers and ice storm winters we can get. Ironically, winter is the best here compared to other regions as far as storms.

I always find the correlation between earthly seasons (along with what comes with those) and our business, life, spirituality, and relationship seasons fascinating. You can look at your life in its entirety and see the resemblances. Your physical, spiritual, and mental worlds all collide together.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can get a bird's eye view of your business or any area that you are trying to improve on. It means you can step outside of yourself and see the storms in your life for what they really are... just passers-through.

It also means that you can see the great times and days for what they really are... blessings and temporary relief.

So, we have temporary relief and temporary storms.

This is great news for you! This means you can adapt, take your problems head-on, and if you mess up, get embarrassed, make the wrong decision, or even stall a little... There is change ahead.

It does not mean ignore until it 'passes.' Because if you stop every time you have a storm in your life, you are going to have tornado devastation aftermath to deal with every time the sunny days come back.

One thing about Oklahoma tornadoes I noticed is that the day after the destruction is the most beautiful day you will ever experience. Now imagine the day after the storm in your life. It can be complete relief or spent processing the destruction and clean up.

One way to weather the storms in your life is to embrace them. Learn from them. Ask yourself more questions.

What did I learn?

What is out of my control?

What can I do? I may not be able to do much but what can I do?

Should I seek shelter or help?

Is this a storm that is mine alone to weather?

Who has been through this storm before that can help me?

Sometimes there is nothing left to do but to let the storm pass. The buyer made an offer on another home with a different agent and you did everything you could do. You really needed this buyer to go under contract. You did consistent follow-up and showed your value. Let it pass. It is the other agent's blessing or lessons to both. Either way, let it go.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to face the storm head-on. Your business expenses are drowning you, but you like the people you are around. Maybe a new brokerage with fewer fees and more benefits will give you a new energy beyond the finances. You might like the new people even more! Sometimes the storms are there to push us past our comfort.

I am reminded this spring of how much beauty is in the storms and how dangerous they can be at the same time. How can the storms in your life transform you?

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