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From Average, To Good, To Great! Become A Force In Every Part of Your Life

Some days we feel like phenomenal players, on top of our game and fully aware of it.

Think about those times for a moment. When you feel that you are at your absolute best.

What is going on in your world?

I bet you are taking care of your body more than usual and giving yourself the freedom to try new things, while staying consistent in the essentials.

Then there are the days when you're doing a good job, feeling a little overwhelmed but managing well enough. You know you're doing fine, but you're putting in extra effort to maintain that level. You know you could do better but feel you are already operating at full capacity.

Lastly, there have been times in your life when you were just maintaining average with much struggle. You know those days when you're full-on riding the struggle bus, and just maintaining the status quo takes everything you have... you can't afford to have too many of these days.

Here's the pattern in each of these scenarios: When you are taking on the world, you are typically taking on your entire world too.

  • Your food/diet is on point.

  • Your physical activity helps manage your stress.

  • You are expanding your thoughts through regular reading and podcasts.

  • You are giving yourself alone time.

  • You are making your business calls eagerly, with a willingness to help.

  • You are spending time with your loved ones.

  • You are meeting your needs.

  • You are regularly connecting to God, the Universe, or your Source, whatever you believe in.

Our most average days are the ones where we only do a few of these. Sometimes it can be due to overwhelm or mental blocks. We let our emotions rule on these days.

The good days are characterized by taking half of these seriously. We feel good and it is enough to keep us going.

The world champion days are when we meet each and every one of these criteria. We do not let our feelings get in the way, and we focus on the end result.

What’s the difference?

They all matter. It all matters. You can’t have the best life and game by only taking part of your life seriously. YOU MATTER. YOUR LIFE IN ITS ENTIRETY MATTERS!

You deserve to feel good, so get in the game and do the things that give you life back!

Love, Monica

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