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A reflection on the Greatest Lessons of 2023

This has been a difficult year for most people, no doubt. I am no exception to the pain this year has been. So within the spirit of turning the pain into gold I give you the best lessons 2023 has taught me so that hopefully it will help you too!

Share on a need to know basis.

Sometimes I want so badly to tell the World what I’m doing because I get so excited and passionate about it BUT that can also be the thing that keeps you from the finish line. If you’re serious about the thing you’re doing, people only know on a need to know basis. Sharing and knowing is a privilege not a right.

The partner you choose in life can make or break you.

After many struggles and ups and downs I can tell you that your partner can keep you moving or have you rowing in circles. Your partner should test you, push you, accept you, listen, give great feedback and have your back. You should be able to be the best around them. Anything short of that makes life so much harder than it needs to be,

Faith is more than what happens to us after we pass.

I used to struggle with the 'why' of it all if we die and that is it. Working to leave a legacy is so much more difficult when we really do not know what happens after us. This year I have really worked on my relationship with my faith and it has made life so much better. There still are plenty of problems but handling them and maneuvering is more effortless with peace. Your deep intentional faith gives you a peace that nothing else can and when everything is hitting the wall, your faith is always there.

We are here to serve.

We think about ourselves more frequently than we do anyone else. We think about what someone said to us, thinks of us, said about us, what we want, what we need, who we need and the list goes on and on. Our biggest problem is that we are constantly thinking about ourselves and when we step into the world around us, the perspective shifts. We can think beyond ourselves and needs and magically when we do our problems shrink.

Parenting is hard because we are often parenting the wounded child in us more than our kids.

Oof this was a hard one for me this year. I have 3 kids and two of which are teens. I am in new territory of being tested on the daily. I found that when I overreacted it was always coming from a place of fear out of my own childhood. Parenting is the toughest job because it takes removing the ego, dealing with versions of ourselves and moving in a way we never have before. Have some grace on yourself.

Pay attention to who you receive and take to heart advice from.

I have taken a considerable amount of bad advice from people that was against what was truly best for me. I drank the kool-aid and wanted their acceptance so badly. From now on I will take inventory first. Who are they at their core and what is their life like? Do you want that life? Does the advice given serve you or does it serve them? 

OQP-Only Quality People

I’m not talking about money or status… I’m talking to the person. OQP only quality people  What is a quality person to you? What are their values and how do they move? Start putting yourself in those circles and see what happens!

I want to know in the comments what is the best lesson 2023 has taught you!?

-Monica Burke

If you are needing someone to talk to, Lets un-spaghetti your brain.

P.S. If you found this post valuable, feel free to share the wealth!

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