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Psychology of Sales- What you are missing!

Updated: May 8, 2023

Most believe that Sales is simple and you would be correct. Sales is simple, just not easy! Creating sales is the hardest part of the job and there is a science behind the art of doing. Check out these simple techniques to become a higher producer!

* The psychological principles behind effective sales.

Many sales agents fail to close the deal because they overtalk and allow their anxieties to rule the conversation. I teach a technique called the psychological pause to sales agents to help with this. Think about dealing with children that are wanting an answer from you right away, when you are not clear on a decision yet. If they keep pressing you, your mind goes to the immediate "NO."

If you need an answer right now, the answer is NO. So when you are presenting new information- the cost of the product, what they will need to pay, an offer, your commission, etc. Lay out the information in a direct way, and then shut up until they speak. Let it get awkward. Let them process what you just said. Learn to sit with your own anxiety for a second and you will close that deal everytime!

* How to identify and appeal to different buyer personality types.

The mirror and match technique is old school and will sometimes work but oftentimes comes off phoney. A better technique is asking what their preferences are, without assuming. When working with a new buyer or seller, I always want to know:

1. What is their preferred method of communication? Is it text, calls, emails or even messenger (I have clients that I never received their email and the entire transaction happened through messenger.) I also, set the tone for my standards in this time period. "Awesome, I see you prefer phone calls and will make sure to call with important updates. Be aware, texts are a little easier for me to respond faster in between appointments and I shut off at 8PM. Feel free to text anytime, just after 8PM, I will respond in the morning." This alone makes everything else run smooth.

2. What are their expectations at the end of this transaction? If you know this right off the bat, you can curb it, if their expectations are impossible, you can exceed it and deliver the results they are looking for.

* Strategies for building trust and rapport with potential customers.

I have one tried and true proven strategy that immediately builds trust and makes everything smooth. If you screenshot responses from the other agent, buyer, or seller and show your client exactly what you are receiving, they will believe everything you tell them going forward. You do not have to do this every time, but if you voluntarily do it in the very beginning when there are no issues, they will not need it again.

* The role of emotions and storytelling in the sales process.

Buyers purchase off of emotions and their logic keeps them in the game when strife or friction happens. The original action of purchase almost always comes from emotion, so you have to understand that emotions play the biggest part of the transaction. Also know the biggest emotion the rules most decisions is the fear of the unknown. The best way to calm the fear of the unknown is explaining the process through examples or stories from experience. Mind you, they do not need to be your experience necessarily- It can be the companies, another agents, etc.

* The importance of active listening and empathy in understanding the buyer's needs and concerns.

Your client is going to tell you everything going on in their headspace. There will be a lot of fluff and layered emotions. Here is a trick to cut through the fluff and get to the meats and bones of the client's concerns. Let them talk. Let them talk uninterrupted until they stop and the last 2-3 sentences they say, will be what is driving their mental real estate. Once you know that, you can calm their anxiety with a solution that works for them.

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