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One thing about Ultra Successful People..

One thing I learned by studying ultra successful people is they don’t give 2 Fux who you are, they are not giving up their schedule for no one.

One got invited by P. Diddy to go on his yacht and although he was flattered, he was like hell nah! I got business to handle. If I am spending my time enjoying his success and not working on mine, I will never get to where I am going.

Another got invited to a big birthday party that started at 1 am and he was like absolutely nah. Nothing good happens at 1 am.

You can’t let it ever get to your head or change your boundaries. I guess that’s the key. The key to HAPPY success is holding your line. Whatever that means to you...

For me that means when I’m on business I’m on business, I’m not doing the drinking networking. Sure deals are made there, just not my deals.

It also means NO ONE is more important than my tiny inner circle. That’s my line.

Also I’m done by 9pm anytime and anywhere, because I got stuff to do!

I would love to hear from you and what your line is!

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