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Get Out Of Your Feelings and Into Your Business!

How many times do you find yourself heated and involved in your clients' mess? You care so much about their situation and want to make sure that you protect them and do an amazing job.

Your intentions are good, but you are not closing nearly the amount of deals that you would if you were less emotionally involved.

Sometimes when we carry the weight of our clients' problems we enter into a dangerous zone because we begin to care more about their problems than they do, thus creating even more chaos and issues.

In life there are three approaches you can take to others problems and the best way I can describe it is this scenario:

You and a friend are walking in the woods and your friend falls into a very large hole that he cannot get out of. You can respond with:

  • Apathy You look at him in the hole and say, "Man that really stinks you are in there." and keep walking. Apathy is a lack of concern or care. If you are in your feelings, more than likely this does not apply to you.

  • Sympathy You start panicking and jump into the hole with him. If you are in your feelings chances are you are very sympathetic to your clients. Now get this though, Sympathy means to have feelings of pity and sorrow. Do your clients really want you to pity them? In this scenario, once you are both in the hole, no one is getting out with a very slim chance of rescue. You could have been the rescuer not the victim, Taking on your clients problems as your own only puts you in the victim role and what they need is a hero. Hero's care but they don't take on the victims emotions otherwise they could never save the day.

  • Empathy Looks like "OMG I cannot believe you fell into this hole! Let me call for help and look for a way to get you out." You acknowledge the situation for what it is and start putting action into place to get your friend out of the situation. You may be a little emotional, but you set it to the side because you have to get your friend out of that hole at this moment. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is what your clients are looking for.

Whenever you find yourself really locked into your clients or friends situation, remember this. Ask yourself, "How am I getting them out of the hole without putting myself in it?"

If you do this, you will be so much more happy and will gain control over your emotions and responses. Not to mention you definitely will close more deals and get more referrals!

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Thank you!

Monica Burke

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