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Believe In The Magic Of Your Pain

Yes, you read the title correctly! There really is magic in the pain you are going through whether that is physical, business, financial or emotional. Whatever is the thorn in your side, is the magic that unlocks everything you desire.

I know this to be true, because it has been the case for me in every step of my journey. I have lost everything I owned several times over the course of my life. I have been obese and could not even spend a day walking on the Vegas Strip without my body breaking down. I have had a business crumble under my feet despite my best efforts to keep it alive and moving. I know the pain very well.

I have also felt the magic that came from each dark place very well too. I have taken the crumbled business and built a referral empire. I have taken the failed body and re-created the body I dreamed of having. I took the failing marriage and turned it into the most loving safe-haven I have ever felt.

I know that what you are experiencing is not pretty and does not look like what the rest of the world sees. I know you feel like you are carrying this heavy dark shame. Let me let you in on a secret that will move you past it...

Forgive yourself, let it go, and only focus on the next step that will move you, your business, relationship or life forward. You cannot go backwards, You cannot change what has been done. You can only change the future, because it has not happened yet. You change your future by today's actions. Today may not get you to the finish line today, but it will get you one step closer which is a hell of a lot closer than where you are now.

If you are in this place, let's talk becuase I can speed up those steps. Call text or message anytime! 918-730-3076

When we lost everything in 2016- we landed here... a roach infested trailer with holes falling through the floors.

By 2019, I was in the top 10% of my area and had saved my family in every way possible.

115 pound difference from nutrition and excercise!

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