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An Inside Problem That You Cannot Solve

You go over the moon for your client.. you are willing to walk to the ends of the Earth for your client... yet they always have an unsolvable new problem.

Many of us are in this field because we genuinely love being the 'fixer' and solving people's biggest problems. We have pride in being the person that can make a difference, even if it is short lived.

The payoff received for this kind of work is typically not financially (especially when you add up the hours, heart-ache, and headache). Do not get me wrong, that check feels good too.

Many of us are feeling more of the pain, than the payoff right now. Our clients and communities are being riddled with fear of the unknown.

You can solve all the external problems, but the inside stories and fears have to be solved by the person feeling them. What does this mean to you? How does this help your business?

This can be the game changer to your business. If you are able to calm the fears by giving assurance with the tools and resources to help make clear decisions, even if that means that the best option is not in your best interest, You will gain referrals and future business.

Being able to give certainty in uncertain times separates the 1%. This does not mean that you are a future teller, it just means you can derive the water from the mud. You can absolutely bring to focus what their truth is and by bringing that truth to the surface above the rest, they are able to make the best decision without being blocked by fear.

What assurance inside or outside of real estate can you give back to your community? How can you empower others to keep moving forward in spite of the fear they feel? How can you communicate the possibilities of the future? Can you create a new way to reach others that are hiding in their shell?

The market we are moving into, is going to take much more thought than going through the motions. Just making your calls and sending your post cards is not enough to stay in the game long term. Start thinking outside of the box now.

If you are needing someone to talk to, Lets un-spaghetti your brain.

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