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What 7th grade volleyball taught me about business

Why are you Playing small, yet hoping to Win big? So many of us are showing up as the waterboy hoping to make the team as the star player.

When I was in 6th grade, I tried out for cheerleading and was quickly dismissed as I did not have the skills as the other applicants. I spent an entire year practicing everyday in the woods next to our trailer park, where we lived. I had the highest hurkey anyone had seen. I was determined to be the best they had ever seen. I went back and tried out again and still did not make the team. This time, it had nothing to do with skills. My 12 year old brain said, "It must be that I was too focused on me. I need to be more of a team player!"

I then tried out for the volleyball team with a different set of tactics. This time, I was going to be the best team player they had ever seen. I passed at every oppotunity and was quick to get anything they needed. I basically took on the role of watergirl hoping to make the team. Hoping they would see my worth by dulling my desire to be the best.

Needless to say I did not make the team and if you are showing up to your job, business, or clients this way, you are not either.

No one wins when you dull your desire to be the best. You must show up to your fullest potential in order to make the sales, relationships, or marriage work.

When you have to fade yourself to "fit in" you are in the wrong company. Break out of the mediocracy and start playing to win.

What would the superbowl look like if the teams showed up and said, "I hope we win today. Let's see how it goes. Make sure you pass and say thank you to everyone as much as possible!"

I would imagine the game would be a horrible loss for many. You definitely can say thank you when warrented- but the people pleasing is not going to win you championships, OR even allow you the opportunity to step foot on the court.

Show up this week with a renewed energy and see the difference. You are here to win and nothing short of that!

-Monica Burke

P.S. If you got value from this week's blog please share! Your support in my growth means the world to me!

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