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Personality of a CEO

CEO... Chief Executive Officer. Has a nice ring to it, right! When you think of the title CEO, do you think of yourself? Why or why not?

When I was in college, I used to take these personality tests and I remember always trying to answer them based on who I wanted to be and the personality of who I thought that person was. I never seemed to answer with the actual truth, because truly I was afraid.

I was afraid if the test knew the real me, then it would tell me that I did not have the right personality for the position I really wanted. In my mind a CEO was ruthless, passionate and short with everyone. I imagined being a CEO was like being Dave Harkin (played by Kevin Spacey) from the movie Horrible Bosses. I thought I could force myself to be that.

Instead I became more and more of a people pleaser. I had no clue what to say no to or how to be ruthless. I knew many people that were ruthless but could not seem to be, even when it would have served me to.

One day this story that I kept telling myself, all changed.

I got clear about what I wanted for myself and my business. What kind of habitat did I need to create to have the joy and live out my desires? Forget how everyone else needed to be. Who did I need to be for me? Who am I and what are my standards?

As I began showing up as my most authentic self, I attracted so many more business relationships, clients, and friends who were ultimately in alignment with my authentic needs, standards and self.

The personality of a CEO is the one you choose to be. For me it is about being compassionate, ethical, pro-people, action oriented, caring, protective, instinctual and most importantly listening to my inner self or gut... she is never wrong!

If you got value from this please share!

I know this has the power to change someone's entire life by changing their habitat to fit their needs!

Much Love,

Monica Burke

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