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Manage Your Peace

You know those days that have you running every which direction, putting out emergency fires and not giving you a moment to breathe!?

We all have those days and 1 of 2 things happen on those days.

  1. You finally reach the doorstep of your home and slump on the couch like a zombie for the remainder of the time, while you explain (ehem complain) how rough your day has been. All in time to rush back to the computer to continue the madness until you have isolated yourself completely into your work.

  2. You finally reach the doorstep of your home and you take a deep breath. You release the crazy, and you make the intention to be present with the ones you love. You open the door and embrace the dogs, kids, significant other, and their lives that they have been waiting to share with you.

Here is what I have learned:

  • Sometimes we give the people we love the most what is left of us, not the best of us. Which is insane because I know they are your reason "why." Why else would you bust your tail and work so hard? You are failing them if you are not giving them the best of you.

  • The problems are always waiting. Most of the time they are not an emergency and work themselves out before you jump in to save the day. Not everything needs your saving.

  • Preventative measures help a million times over! By preventative, I mean getting in front of the problems instead of always chasing them down the staircase. What is one thing you could create that could eliminate ongoing fires? What is that one problem you seem to be putting out over and over. Simplify and flourish.

  • Isolating on challenging days is the worst thing you can do for your mental health, because you become entrapped with only your fixation. I am not even saying you need to tell others your problems. I am saying stepping out of the problem and getting back into humanity often makes the solution seem obvious.

If you are needing more intention with managing your peace, let's talk! I am here for you.

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