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How committed are you?

Everyone is lined up to receive completed results while avoiding the commitment line. Sometimes we, as observers, notice that the short cuts seem to be working. The problem is that we do not see the long term effects and short-term success looks like diamonds in the temporary of the short term.

If you want RESULTS that will last and take you to the end-game, Follow the phases. You cannot skip the line and rush the process or you will end up in a short term success cycle.

Phase 1

The exploration phase. This phase is about being open to try new things and allowing the options to breeze through. This is not commitment. Understanding that your buyers are going through this phase until contract and many times until closed, can save a ton of headache, pain and mis-assumptions. At any given point in time buyers are exploring finance options, home options, issues options, life options and the list goes on. We ourselves are always exploring different options. If you give buyers a little space to explore, you will close 2-3x more deals with more ease. Exploration brings clarity!

Write this down, Massive Action + Weight of Emotion = Momentum. You want everyone in momentum towards closing. Clarity is necessary for the weight of emotion.

Think of phase 1 as pre-game to the momentum you want to see.

Phase 2

The clarity of data phase. This is the phase where we take all of the data that we received from phase 1 and we make a clarified decision. We cannot make a clarified decision without the data from exploring. Many have a problem with either:

a. Wanting to skip the exploration phase and go straight to clarity or

b. Wanting to live in the exploration phase free of commitment.

Clarity of data means it is decision time... A.K.A time to commit. A decision is a commitment to be followed by action. Many ADHDers get a bad rap because we try and release here. However, this is the phase to release if exploration brings you to. If you ignore the exploration indications, regret is to follow.

How many times have you had a buyer ignore all red flags and push through because they felt they had to? They either ended up walking at the most inconvenient time or ended up calling after closing with regret. This is the phase for clarity on your why. You leave this phase understanding why you desire the thing you are chasing.

Phase 3

The massive action phase. This phase is about putting the exploration and decisions to work. With work being involved, many fall off at this last phase. The ideas are fun and discovering more about ourselves can be fun too. Work on the other hand requires no excuses, just results.

Here is the fun thing about this phase, it actually produces the results we want. Buyers bend over backwards to get the lender what they need. Everyone is in momentum pulling their part to make sure the results happen. It is a beautiful orchestra experience.

Massive action requires questioning, which is why the exploration and clarity phases are the beginning. If you do not have clarity and some data, the actions are going to fall apart the moment you do not get results.

Follow these three phases and change your life! Get momentum in anything you want!

Let's finish this year stronger than ever! If you respond back to me or email me at with subject FREE 4TH QUARTER

I will send you FREE 4th quarter coaching sheets to help you get where you wanna go!

-Monica Burke

P.S. If you got value from this week's blog please share! Your support in my growth means the world to me!

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