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Chaotic Joy- Living Joyously Through the Chaos

Let’s get real- you are the driver of your own chaos

The people who struggle most with self-acceptance are those who were conditioned to believe that they were too much and not enough, all at the same time." - Anonymous

We go through these cycles of trying to keep everyone happy from our friends, family, co-workers, customers, employees, dogs, neighbors, the random person online and the list goes on and on.

We hate disappointing others so we run laps on laps for the illusion of acceptance all while draining our own soul into a body we do not recognize. When you choose to disappoint them over disappointing yourself, you are setting a standard for who you are. You are embracing that you are loved regardless of their perception.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “It is your job in life to disappoint as many people as possible, so that you do not disappoint yourself.” This rang true for me, the people pleaser queen. I spent so much time creating chaos and making fucked up situations worse by constantly trying to keep others from being disappointed. I spent my entire life up until my 30’s avoiding my own baggage and fucked upness to keep people who were not happy with themselves, from being disappointed in me.

Now, there are times it really does burn and is painful for everyone involved, but I am left proud of the decision I made. I stood by my side and allowed the disappointment to rain over and move through.

Friends it is not about stopping the pain and storms from coming. We cannot control the weather anymore than we can control another human. Hell, half of us cannot even control ourselves. So instead of running all of these plays, and unnecessary laps let it wash over. When you stand in your truth you can withstand the storms passing. There is nothing more powerful or stronger than one standing in their truth.

We have an entire universe living within our bodies made up of cells, tissues and living organisms. Your body can quite comprehend information before your brain does. Pay attention to the signals of your body. When you are around people that you have a few drinks with every time you're with them, is that because you are quieting your body's signal?

If you want an explosive career and a joyous home life, start observing the signals you are receiving. You will start gravitating your ideal clients, friends, family, partner, and life. It is possible friends!

Your intuition already knows what the next best step is. You will never disappoint yourself by listening to yourself.

-Monica Burke

P.S. If you got value from this week's blog please share! Your support in my growth means the world to me!

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