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There Once Was an Insurance Agent..

Have you partnered with the wrong person and felt so blindsided? Let me tell you a story about an insurance agent I thought I knew.

There once was an insurance agent who was brilliant in so many ways. He could craft a tagline in 2 seconds, he could network with the best of them, and he really knew how to get his name out there.

He was one of those guys who made your insides scream that something was off… but he was so nice and so helpful.

I found this guy a few years ago. The thing about being conned so many times is that you get really good at detecting cons and phonies in the business, but there are always a few who slither by. You have to look at it as a learning experience and ask yourself what it’s here to teach you right now.

I personally insured with him, I brought my own parents to him, and I sent my clients to him. When the money was flowing, life was good. There were no 'insurance' related issues.

Our industry is like that. When the money is flowing, the snakes have more water to hide in. But as the river dries up, you see them for who they are.

When rates started to go through the roof, shady and unexplainable things started happening.

First, my coverage changed without my knowledge. Then, when I went to cancel my policy, they never canceled it because I did not respond to a questionnaire about my new coverage rates. They also put a claim on my record for a windshield replacement that was never supposed to be a claim.

As frustrating as all of that was, I was happy to just move on.

Then I started to get calls from clients I had sent to this insurance guy: "How well do you know this man!? He put a RANDOM person I DO NOT KNOW on my policy, and now in order to remove them, I need to get an affidavit!"

And let us not forget…

"He switched my coverage without my knowledge, and now I am trying to sell my home, which needs a new roof. The insurance 'approved' the replacement but changed the coverage to a $10K deductible and depreciating value, so I am stuck. I have to replace it myself (with no equity to cover the costs) or I have no coverage if I try to rent it out."

It is interesting how this business works and the ways people choose to operate. Here is what I do know: karma is real, and business is about longevity, not the short term.

Will this guy be in business in 20 years? Probably not. He has been working on get-rich-quick schemes for years as a side hustle.

Will you be in business in the next 20 years? Probably, because you treat your clients and the people who support you with care, respect, and servitude.

You cannot control what someone else does, and as frustrating and heartbreaking as it can be to send bad referrals—unintentionally—you must understand that you are not responsible for the decisions others make.

As much as it can sting to pay the bill for someone’s shady dealings, you can rest assured knowing that karma is already at work, whether you see it or not.

  1. It’s about the future, not the past. This is just a bruise, not a tattoo. This too shall pass.

  2. Learn as much as you can from the situation and discard the rest. What are the yellow and red flags to look out for?

  3. What did you learn about the partnership that worked on you? What were you getting out of the partnership?

For me, I was getting the feeling that I was not doing this business alone. I felt like I had a friend, and I could see us having family BBQs together as we built this thing as a team.

I learned that a red flag is when someone says they will pull their share and then doesn’t—it's an indication of so much more.

I learned that I should never upsell anyone because I cannot control what they will or won’t do. I learned that many times it’s the overly nice ones you have to watch out for, and being overmarketed is a huge red flag.

Life is pretty amazing when you think about it! I’m blessed for all of these teachings.

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